Forty years of holidays


A little sunshine goes a long way

This year is the Family Holiday Association’s 40th anniversary.  I want the charity to use this major milestone to both celebrate our four decades of working on behalf of families but also to help us prepare for the years ahead as there is still much to achieve.

Have a look at our 40th Anniversary Brochure –

Since 1975, when Pat and Joan Laurance first set up the charity in their spare bedroom in north London, we have directly supported tens of thousands of families with a simple break away from home.  And, in recent years, we have helped to significantly raise the awareness of just how important and beneficial a break can be; particularly for those families who can least afford even the simplest of holidays.

Celebrating the charity’s roots, we have used Pat and Joan’s first fundraising drive as inspiration for our current 500 for 500 campaign and we plan to help re-create their famous Hampstead Garden Suburb street fair, inviting along some of the celebrities whom they had open those early events.  We recently found some vintage footage of Esther Rantzen visiting the 1979 street fair with her family. View here.

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High praise for charity’s research partnership

Scott McCabe
Scott McCabe, Associate Professor in Tourism Management/Marketing

The Family Holiday Association has been closely involved with a number of universities over the past decade including Nottingham, Sheffield, Westminster and Surrey. While we might know intuitively the benefits of a break away from home, by looking at the impact more closely from both quantative and qualative perspectives can only add to the credibility of the charity’s arguments in favour of extending the reach of social tourism. Continue reading