Such a lot has happened in the past 15 months

Searching through Google can throw up some interesting results; well, in this instance, for me anyway.

As part of constructing a brief for our work in Scotland I happened across a YouTube clip of me speaking at our charity’s 2015 Holidays Matter conference at the Excel Centre in London.  It’s footage I had not seen before.

The conference was held during that year’s World Travel Market and a WTM cameraman appeared and asked what we were doing.  I recall having the microphone thrust into my hand and being asked to talk about the event.

Looking at the video – which is only 15 months old – reminds me of how far we have come in such a short period of time, particularly in our relationship with VisitScotland.

Because shortly after the conference we were invited to partner VisitScotland in their huge ScotSpirit campaign and we also went on to successfully complete the Glasgow pilot programme.

And only last week John Kinnear, our Programme Manager, and I travelled to Glasgow to participate in a VisitScotland roundtable; the aim of which was to discuss how best to take social tourism forward north of the border.  The most significant outcome of the meeting was an agreement to see the essence of the ScotSpirit campaign repeated in 2017 but on a much expanded scale.

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