Prime Minister highlights the importance of holidays in key speech

During her key speech to the Conservative Party’s annual conference yesterday (3rd October 2018) Prime Minister Theresa May spoke about in her party’s desire to improve the lot of hard-working families. She wanted to help people to be able to enjoy the necessities of life and one of those was to experience “the joy and precious memories that a week’s holiday with the family brings”.

Naturally this chimes with the main objective of our charity’s work and, in particular, the current research we have commissioned from Nottingham Trent University that looks at the impact a break away from home can have on the lives of ordinary working families.

We will be writing to the policy unit at No 10 to offer a briefing on our research and we will raise the work and Mrs May’s speech at our upcoming meeting, scheduled for later in the month, with Michael Ellis MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Arts, Heritage and Tourism.

Holidays are not just a luxury but a necessity particularly if your family is struggling to pay for life’s essentials.


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